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H1-C1 IVT Rego 1000, Greenline HE


This is a solution enable your PC to communicate with your heat pump.

It will give you the opportunity to visualize the heating system, including all sensors, status modes and setting values. See our product description for StatLink or download the user-manual for more information about the functionality in the software.

!! :: Specify if you want the inteface with SERIAL or USB computer connectionin the "other info box" when ordering :: !!


As additional service you can use our online service that allows you to monitor your heat pump directly and historically over the internet and set up alerts via email and SMS. One month test-subscription is included in the delivery.

Included in the H1-C1 delivery ...

Interface H1- C , advanced interface with open protocol for those who want to develop their own applications.

  •     The software StatLink with free upgrades , downloadable from the website.
  •     User manual with installation instructions for the Interface and StatLink.
  •     Personal account in husdata.se to log in and download the software , manuals , etc. .
  •     One-month subscription to Husdata Online so you can try the service.
  •     Support to get you started

The product works , among other things ...

  •     IVT Greenline HE
  •     IVT Greenline HA
  •     Bosch Compress EHP LW / M
  •     Buderus Logatherm WPL
  •     Junkers Supraeco STM / STL

System requirements .

  •     Computer with Windows operating system
  •     A free serial port or USB -> Serial port converter (For serial inteface variants)
  •     A free USB port (for USB interface variants)
  •     For the online  service you also need a internet connection





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